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Case Study

In 2008, Presidio partnered with the founders and management team of Metropolitan to capitalize the business, complete the acquisition of Bank of the South, and pursue an aggressive organic growth strategy. In 2017, when Renasant Bank (Nasdaq: RNST) announced its acquisition of Metropolitan, assets had increased by over ten times as compared to the year of Presidio’s original investment.

Presidio Value-Add

Over the course of its partnership with the management team at Metropolitan, Presidio worked to drive value by:

  • Being the first major institutional investor to commit to management’s business plan, and then helping other large institutional investors get comfortable with the investment thesis
  • Serving as Chairman of the Executive Committee and Compensation Committee, helping management drive strategy and align compensation with long-term goals
  • Evaluating numerous add-on acquisitions, as well as capital and strategic planning initiatives

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