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Case Study

In 2010, Presidio partnered with the founder of Hattrick to buyout the business, grow Hattrick’s product offering, and expand to multiple different countries. When Presidio exited its investment to Fortuna Group in 2017, sales had increased by over seven times as compared to the year prior to Presidio’s original investment.

Presidio Value-Add

Over the course of its partnership with the founder and management team, Presidio worked to drive significant value by:

  • Serving in the CEO role in the early days of Hattrick’s growth
  • Expanding geographically from one country to over seven countries
  • Leading the add-on acquisitions of multiple relevant businesses
  • Developing and leading a channel expansion strategy to transition from a retail model to an online, mobile and live-streaming platform
  • Transforming the technology platform to be an all-in-one sports gaming technology provider

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